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Black Drop Coffee Facility

We maintain A modern updated roasting and packaging facility with top of the line and USA made coffee roasting, grinding and production equipment to obtain the highest quality and most exacting results.Our efficient production lines can operate numerous equipment simultaneously to create short lead times and complete orders on time consistently.Our facility demands a commitment to the highest quality in every detail from start to finish.

Green Facility Award

We have received the Green Manufacturing Facility Award for our commitment to the environment. Our coffee roaster is fitted with a smokeless exhaust system to reduce and significantly minimize any pollutants. As well our infrared coffee roaster burners require minimal natural gas. Our facility is upgraded with LED lighting and renewable energy solar fans which have significantly reduced our reliance on electricity while increasing safety and comfort. We have water recycling system for water used in processing and operating our Roastery. Regardless we do not rest on past accomplishments and continue to strive for a safer, more energy efficient and green sustainable Coffee Roasting and Packaging Facility.

Certified USDA Organic

Organic Certified Coffees-means that coffee farmers must use an agriculture system that produces food that supports biodiversity and enhances soil health by using only approved substances and organic farming methods.

Certified Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance Certification-helps integrate biodiversity conservation, community development, and the implementation of effective planning and farm management systems to improve the livelihood of farmers and their families in coffee growing regions.

Certified USDA Organic

Fair Trade Certified-support a better life for farming families in the developing world by guaranteeing farmers a minimum price, linking them directly with importers, and creating long-term environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Smithsonian Bird Friendly

Developed the only 100% organic and shade-grown coffee certification available: Bird Friendly. According to the Smithsonian website, “the seal of approval ensures tropical “agroforests” are preserved and migratory birds find a healthy haven.

Protective price sourcing means your price won’t fluctuate wildly with the ups and downs of the market

Coffee profile duplication and color matching

Private label coffee roasting and packing


Single cup grinding and packaging capabilies

Microbial testing upon request

Retail packaging lines for pre-made bags

Your own dedicated account manager

EDI compliant for purchase orders, invoices and ASN.


Customer Service Experience

We offer prompt responses and seamless communication with a dedicated customer service manager to handle all aspects of your product and account . Our goal is to build a long term relationship with you, and your company, that will benefit your company, and ours, for yea rs to come.

Quality Control

Strict quality control measures with testing procedures assure precise and repeatable coffee profiles and packaging results.

Modern Manufacturing Facility

Modern manufacturing facility is conveniently located in Southern California on the Los Angeles/Orange County Boarder.

Farm and Sourcing Relationships

We have traveled the world and established personal relationships with coffee farmers and the local coffee growing community in many regions to source the highest quality coffees and obtain the best quality for our clients.

Fair Trade

We have supported the coffee farmers in fair trade. This provides fair prices, living wages and community benefits for farmers, workers, and their families in developing countries. Including education, health care and environmental sustainability all benefit from Fair Trade.

Support Organic Growing Methods

We have partnered with farmers to encourage and support Organic Growing processes. Many of the farms are now using organic fertilizers and eliminating pesticides which contaminate the land, water, and local Eco structure. T his creates a healthier planet for all.


We have specialized and served the Private Label, Contract Roasting and Packaging Coffee Community for over 18 years.