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Frac Pack

Frac Pack packaging offer a unique and customizable packaging solution for coffee brands looking to create a distinctive identity and provide high-quality coffee products to consumers.

Frac Pack info

You can either use our generic film roll shown above or we can provide you with your own design and customize your film roll.

You can supply us with your product or we can provide our own roasted coffee, and we can package your product in portion packets with  your branding and product information and weight on the packet. 

The information of your product gets printed on the packet with black ink and the printable area can not exceed 2 x 3 inches.

The portion packets are 3.93” wide and the length can be adjusted to the volume of the product. 

The weight is based on the density of the product. With regards to the coffee ground, it ranges from 0.5oz-4oz of coffee.

1000 packets.


Uniform Taste: Each frac pack contains a precise amount of coffee, ensuring that each pot tastes the same. 

No need to measure coffee grounds, making the brewing process simpler and faster.

Quick Preparation: Ideal for busy settings like offices or hotels where coffee needs to be made quickly.

Easy to store and transport, making them suitable for camping or travel. 

Sealed for Freshness: Nitrogen Flush to preserve freshness and flavor. The individual packaging helps to keep the coffee fresh until it's ready to be brewed. 

Reduced Waste: By using pre-measured packs, there's less chance of using too much or too little coffee, reducing waste.

You can customize your private label frac pack by adding your brand logo, choosing specific colors, and including unique designs or labels that represent your brand identity. You can do this with our online graphic design tools, hire a graphic designer or hire one of our in house designers. 

Our MOQ is only 1000 

Lead times vary based on customization and order quantity. For in-house blends, sourcing and perfecting formulations can extend the process. Single-origin coffees may be affected by seasonal availability and shipping times. Contact us for personalized details and to plan accordingly.

Feel free to reach out to us for more information and personalized assistance. We look forward to helping you create the perfect private label Frac Pack for your brand.