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Café De Olla – 12oz

Café De Olla

Dark Roast

Net Weight 12oz (340g)

Café De Olla – 12oz

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Café De Olla

This is our Signature Authentic Mexican ground coffee with
traditional blend of sugar, cinnamon and spices. Made with
Mexican Coffee from the mountains of Southern Mexico.
Roasted medium-dark, this coffee has a chocolate and nutty
flavor with syrupy mouthfeel. When blended with sugar,
cinnamon and spices, it has the perfect balance of sweetness
and spices that makes every cup special.

Café de Olla is a traditional Mexican coffee
consumed in Mexico and mostly in rural areas.
Coffee grounds, cinnamon and piloncillo
(unrefined Mexican cane sugar made from
boiling and evaporating cane juice) and water are
mixed together in a clay pot called “Olla” and
brewed over stove. Hence name Café de Olla is
used since it uses the clay pot to make the coffee.
Our version of the Café de Olla is made with
Mexican Coffee bean from Chiapas and roasted
medium-dark to bring out the chocolate and nutty
flavor of this high grown coffee. It is then
grounded and mixed with Cinnamon and sugar
than brings in a fiesta into you cup.

Medium-Dark Roast


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